Google invented the VR painting software, this 3D effect is too shocking

ently released a VR dedicated painting software Tilt Brush,
so that users can paint in the virtual space full 3D effect,
what is this concept? Look at the two GIF users apply not only paint,
there are a variety of dynamic light canvas brushes you can rotate 360 degrees to you,
it can also through the software now sell 22.
99 pounds,
there are more amazing painting scenes of RMB more than 200 in the video,
quick to feel under the high-tech ~ guess you love how cool the VR glasses,
after 50 seconds,
enough to make all the game player screaming in the legend of Hot pot party.
This is too good to eat,
the new invention of life-saving artifact,
very agent feeling.
The 3D around the vertigo to wear a headset to listen,
too cool @ GIF comedy figure WeChat the most fire dynamic map public acc